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Les joueurs de cartes (1892-1896)

Cézanne, Paul (1839-1906) Les joueurs de cartes (The Card Players) 1892–1896 Oil on canvas, 60 x 73 cm Courtauld Institute of Art, London Compare: Cézanne, Paul (1839-1906) Joueurs de cartes 1890–1892 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York    

Suonatore di liuto (1595-1596)

Caravaggio (1571-1610) Suonatore di liuto (Lute-Player) 1595–1596 Oil on canvas, 94 x 119 cm Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg This is an early work by Caravaggio, who sought above all to convey the reality and solidity of the surrounding world. We can…

Los cómicos ambulantes (1793)

Goya, Francisco de (1746-1828) Los cómicos ambulantes (The Strolling Players) 1793 Oil on tinplate, 42.5 x 31.7 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid This popular scene painted with great technical freedom shows an improvised stage surrounded by people in the midst of a…