Ritratto di condottiero (Giovanni Emo)

Bellini, Giovanni (c.1430-1516)

Ritratto di condottiero (Giovanni Emo)
Oil on panel transferred to canvas mounted on panel, 48.9 x 34.6 cm
National Gallery of ArtWashington

Shown from the chest up against a black background, a man with peachy skin wears a gold and rose-pink cloak in this vertical portrait painting. With his shoulders pulled back, the man’s body is angled to our left, and he looks in that direction with gray eyes under pointed, furrowed eyebrows. There are wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, and he has a five o-clock shadow along the jowls lining his jaw. He has a rounded nose, and the corners of his thin, pale pink lips turn downward. The hint of closely cropped, dark hair is seen around his ear under his tall, brimless, cobalt-blue cap. His cloak has a stylized floral pattern around pineapples in gold, against a dusky-rose pink background. The high neck of his cloak is lined with white. (NGA)

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