Honoré de Balzac

Honoré de Balzac


Honoré de Balzac, né Honoré Balzac



◊ A Daughter of Eve (English)

◊ A Distinguished Provincial at Paris (English)

◊ A Drama on the Seashore (English)

◊ A Man of Business (English)

◊ A Passion in the Desert (English)

◊ A Prince of Bohemia (English)

◊ A Second Home (English)

◊ A Start in Life (English)

◊ A Street of Paris and Its Inhabitant (English)

◊ A Woman of Thirty (English)

◊ Adieu (English)

◊ Albert Savarus (English)

◊ An Episode under the Terror (English)

◊ An Historical Mystery (English)

◊ An Old Maid (English)

◊ Analytical Studies (English)

◊ Another Study of Woman (English)

◊ At the Sign of the Cat and Racket (English)

◊ Beatrix (English)

◊ Bureaucracy (English)

◊ Catherine De Medici (English)

◊ Christ in Flanders (English)

◊ Colonel Chabert (English)

• Contes bruns (French)

◊ Cousin Betty (English)

◊ Cousin Pons (English)

◊ Domestic Peace (English)

◊ Droll Stories (English)

◊ El Verdugo (English)

Eugénie Grandet (French)

Eugenie Grandet (English)

◊ Eve and David (English)

◊ Facino Cane (English)

◊ Farewell (English)

◊ Father Goriot (English)

◊ Ferragus, Chief of the Dévorants (English)

◊ Folk-Tales of Napoleon (English)

◊ Gambara (English)

◊ Gaudissart II (English)

◊ Gobseck (English)

◊ Honorine (English)

◊ Juana (English)

• La Comédie humaine, Volume 1 (French)

• La Comédie humaine, Volume 2 (French)

• La Comédie humaine, Volume 3 (French)

• La Comédie humaine, Volume 4 (French)

◊ The Human Comedy: Introductions and Appendix (English)

• La Maison du Chat-qui-pelote (French)

◊ La Grande Breteche (English)

◊ La Grenadiere (English)

◊ Letters of Two Brides (English)

◊ Lost Illusions (English)

◊ Louis Lambert (English)

◊ Love in a Mask (English)

◊ Madame Firmiani (English)

◊ Maitre Cornelius (English)

◊ Massimilla Doni (English)

◊ Melmoth Reconciled (English)

◊ Mercadet: A Comedy in Three Acts (English)

◊ Modeste Mignon (English)

◊ Pamela Giraud: A Play in Five Acts (English)

◊ Parisians in the Country (English)

◊ Paz (La Fausse Maitresse) (English)

◊ Petty Troubles of Married Life (English)

◊ Pierre Grassou (English)

◊ Pierrette (English)

◊ Poor Relations (English)

◊ Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau (English)

◊ Sarrasine (English)

◊ Scenes from a Courtesan’s Life (English)

◊ Seraphita (English)

◊ Sons of the Soil (English)

◊ Study of a Woman (English)

◊ The Alkahest (English)

◊ The Atheist’s Mass (English)

◊ The Ball at Sceaux (English)

◊ The Brotherhood of Consolation (English)

◊ The Celibates (English)

◊ The Chouans (English)

◊ The Collection of Antiquities (English)

◊ The Commission in Lunacy (English)

◊ The Country Doctor (English)

◊ The Deputy of Arcis (English)

◊ The Deserted Woman (English)

◊ The Duchesse of Langeais (English)

◊ The Elixir of Life (English)

◊ The Exiles (English)

◊ The Firm of Nucingen (English)

◊ The Girl with the Golden Eyes (English)

◊ The Hated Son (English)

◊ The Hidden Masterpiece (English)

◊ The Illustrious Gaudissart (English)

◊ The Jealousies of a Country Town (English)

◊ The Lesser Bourgeoisie (English)

◊ The Lily of the Valley (English)

◊ The Magic Skin (English)

◊ The Marriage Contract (English)

◊ The Message (English)

◊ The Muse of the Department (English)

◊ The Napoleon of the People (English)

◊ The Physiology of Marriage (English)

◊ The Purse (English)

◊ The Recruit (English)

◊ The Red Inn (English)

◊ The Resources of Quinola (English)

◊ The Secrets of the Princesse de Cadignan (English)

◊ The Stepmother, A Drama in Five Acts (English)

The Thirteen (English)

The Two Brothers (English)

◊ The Unknown Masterpiece (English)

The Vicar of Tours (English)

The Village Rector (English)

Two Poets (English)

◊ Unconscious Comedians (English)

◊ Ursula (English)

Vautrin: A Drama in Five Acts (English)

Vendetta (English)

◊ Z. Marcas (English)


• Honoré de Balzac: Quotations

Born May 20 1799 Tours (France)
Died August 18 1850 Paris (France)
Buried Cimetière du Père Lachaise (Paris)
Occupation Journalist Novelist
Occupation Playwright Writer