Madonna dell’Umiltà (c.1430)

Angelico, Fra (c.1395-1455)

Madonna dell’Umiltà (The Madonna of Humility)
Tempera on panel, 60.7 x 45.2 cm
National Gallery of ArtWashington

A woman sits in the center of this vertical panel painting and gazes down at a baby lying across her lap while two winged angels hold up a red, gold, and black brocade-like patterned cloth behind her. All the people have pale skin, pink cheeks, blond hair, and flat, gold halos. The woman’s body is angled slightly to our right, and she holds her hands crossed over her chest as she gazes down at the baby. The woman has a straight, pointed nose and a small, pink-lipped mouth. Her azure-blue robe covers her head and drapes over much of the crimson-red dress beneath. The edge of the robe and cuff of her dress are trimmed in gold. The baby lies with his arms slightly raised, and he looks up at the woman. His hips and legs are wrapped with sheer white cloth. The angels in the upper corners of the panel both wear robes in the same azure blue of the woman, and the garments have a gold band around the high waist and gold around the neckline. They look at the woman and hold up the cloth that falls behind and under her and the baby. (NGA)


Angelico, Fra (c.1395-1455)
Madonna dell’Umiltà
Museo Thyssen-BornemiszaMadrid



Angelico, Fra (c.1395-1455)
Madonna dell’Umiltà