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Pygmalion et Galatée (c.1890)

Gérôme, Jean-Léon (1824-1904) Pygmalion et Galatée (Pygmalion and Galatea) c.1890 Oil on canvas, 88.9 x 68.6 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York See also: • Ovid (43 BC-17/18 AD): The Metamorphoses (English)

Il disinganno (c.1575)

Veronese, Paolo (1528-1588) Allegorie dell’amore: Il disinganno (Four Allegories of Love: Scorn) c.1575 Oil on canvas, 186.6 x 188.5 cm National Gallery, London The other three Allegories of Love: Veronese, Paolo (1528-1588) Il rispetto c.1575 National Gallery, London     Veronese, Paolo (1528-1588)…