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Dish (c.1900)

De Morgan, William (1839-1917) Dish c.1900 Ceramic, diameter: 2.5 x 25.2 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Designed by William Frend De Morgan (British, 1839-1917); decorated by Charles Passenger (British).

Le Coup de lumière (1935)

Ensor, James (1860-1949) Le Coup de lumière (Effect of Light) 1935 Oil on canvas, 50.8 × 61.6 cm Tate Britain, London Although this picture was dated 1926 when exhibited at the Leicester Galleries, its first owner, Sam Salz, said that it…

Verre, couteau et assiette de fruits (1918)

Gris, Juan (1887-1927) Verre, couteau et assiette de fruits (Tumbler, Knife, and Plate of Fruit) 1918 Graphite, 25.8 x 33.4 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton The Spanish-born painter and draftsman Juan Gris studied mathematics and engineering in Madrid for two…

Oysters (1891)

Scholderer, Otto (1834-1902) Oysters (Austern) 1891 Oil on canvas, 25 x 42 cm National Museum Wales, Cardiff

Une assiette de pommes (1861)

Fantin-Latour, Henri (1836-1904) Une assiette de pommes (A Plate of Apples) 1861 Oil on canvas, 20 × 26.4 cm National Gallery, London On loan from Tate: Bequeathed by Mrs Edwin Edwards 1907.