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Dish (c.1885)

De Morgan, William (1839-1917) Dish c.1885 Earthenware, copper and silver luster, diameter 36 cm Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Due Apostoli (Late 16th century)

Tintoretto, Jacopo (1518-1594) Due Apostoli (Two Apostles) Late 16th century Oil on canvas, 47 x 38.7 cm Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia This painting is likely a fragment of (or perhaps a study for) a larger painting of the Last Supper. Although the…

Intérieur rouge (1902)

Vuillard, Édouard (1868-1940) Intérieur rouge (Red Interior) 1902 Oil on tan paper mounted to cradled panel, 37.1 x 51.1 cm Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia Vuillard never married, and he lived with his mother, a seamstress, for her entire life. He often depicted…

Cristo in casa di Simone il fariseo (1544)

Vasari, Giorgio (1511-1574) Cristo in casa di Simone il fariseo (Christ in the House of Simon the Pharisee) 1544 Pen, ink, chalk and brush on paper, 55.6 x 41.4 cm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam This detailed drawing on blue paper is a study…

Mangiatore di pesce (c.1660)

Giordano, Luca (1634-1705) Mangiatore di pesce (Fish Eater) c.1660 Oil on canvas, 124 × 102 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Compare: Giordano, Luca (1634-1705) Mangiatore di pasta, Allegoria del gusto c.1660 Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton    

Dish (c.1900)

De Morgan, William (1839-1917) Dish c.1900 Ceramic, diameter: 2.5 x 25.2 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Designed by William Frend De Morgan (British, 1839-1917); decorated by Charles Passenger (British).

Le Coup de lumière (1935)

Ensor, James (1860-1949) Le Coup de lumière (Effect of Light) 1935 Oil on canvas, 50.8 × 61.6 cm Tate Britain, London Although this picture was dated 1926 when exhibited at the Leicester Galleries, its first owner, Sam Salz, said that it…