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Le jardin de la famille Rousseau (1885)

Ensor, James (1860-1949) Le jardin de la famille Rousseau (The Garden of the Rousseau Family) 1885 Oil on fabric, 75.5 x 61 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland James Ensor painted in a wide variety of styles and techniques, his subjects…

Le Coup de lumière (1935)

Ensor, James (1860-1949) Le Coup de lumière (Effect of Light) 1935 Oil on canvas, 50.8 × 61.6 cm Tate Britain, London Although this picture was dated 1926 when exhibited at the Leicester Galleries, its first owner, Sam Salz, said that it…

Les Patineurs (1889)

Ensor, James (1860-1949) Les Patineurs (The Ice Skaters) 1889 Hand-colored etching and drypoint, 17.8 x 23.7 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington

Repas comique, Banquet des affamés (c.1917-1918)

Ensor, James (1860-1949) Repas comique, Banquet des affamés (Comical Repast, Banquet of the Starved) c.1917–1918 Oil on canvas, 115.6 x 145.4 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York The current title of this painting reflects the two names it was given…

L’Intrigue (1911)

Ensor, James (1860-1949) L’Intrigue (The Intrigue) 1911 Oil on canvas, 94.62 x 112.4 cm Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis

La Cathédrale (1896)

Ensor, James (1860-1949) La Cathédrale (The Cathedral) 1896 Etching, hand-colored with watercolor, 24.77 × 20 cm Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee