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Crepúsculo (1954)

Siqueiros, David Alfaro (1896-1974) Crepúsculo (Twilight) 1954 Pyroxylin on board mounted on masonite, 56 x 71 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland

Pescador (1956)

Rivera, Diego (1886-1957) Pescador (Fisherman) 1956 Tempera and black crayon on paper, 63 x 48.2 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Diego Rivera created this drawing during the last year of his life. While living on the Pacific coast of Mexico,…

Soldado herido (1930)

Orozco, José Clemente (1883-1949) Soldado herido (Wounded Soldier) 1930 Oil on canvas, 113 x 93 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland The central figure in a movement of revolutionary artists responding to political turmoil in Mexico during the 1920s, José Orozco believed…

José Clemente Orozco

(1883–1949) The artist’s works: Soldado herido 1930 Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Orozco in Art: Modotti, Tina (1896-1942) Orozco Mural 1926 Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland   Born November 23 1883 Ciudad Guzmán (Mexico) Died September 7 1949 México, DF (Mexico) Occupation Painter

Cosmos y desastre (c.1936)

Siqueiros, David Alfaro (1896-1974) Cosmos y desastre (Cosmos and Disaster) c.1936 Lacquer, pyroxilin, sand and wood on copper mesh over plywood, 60.8 x 76.1 cm Tate Britain, London Revolutionary artist and activist, David Alfaro Siqueiros is one of the major Mexican…


Siqueiros, David Alfaro (1896-1974) Maternidad (Maternity) s.d. Color lithograph, 52 x 68 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton

Trópico, Hoy (1963)

Siqueiros, David Alfaro (1896-1974) Trópico, Hoy (Tropics, Today) 1963 Pyroxilin on wood panel, 48 × 39 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton