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Roman potter (c.1884)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Roman potter c.1884 Oil on canvas, 152 x 80 cm Musée d’Orsay, Paris Fragment of the painting “Hadrian visiting a Roman-British pottery”, painted in 1884 and cut out by the artist in 1893. The other two fragments of…

Glaucus and Nydia (1867)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Glaucus and Nydia 1867 Oil on wood panel, 55.5 x 81 x 4.5 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Alma-Tadema, one of the most popular Victorian painters, became famous for his depictions of the luxury and decadence of the…


(c.124-c.170) Lucius Apuleius Madaurensis Works: • Amor ja Psyke (Finnish) • Apologia sive pro se de magia (Latin) • De deo Socratis (Latin) • De mundo (Latin) • De Platone et eius dogmate, Liber I (Latin) • De Platone et…

Prose (1879)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Prose 1879 Oil on wood panel National Museum Wales, Cardiff Pair: Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Poetry 1879 National Museum Wales, Cardiff    

Poetry (1879)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Poetry 1879 Oil on wood panel National Museum Wales, Cardiff Pair: Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Prose 1879 National Museum Wales, Cardiff    

Il rapimento delle Sabine (1675-1680)

Giordano, Luca (1634-1705) Il rapimento delle Sabine (The Abduction of the Sabine Women) 1675–1680 Oil on canvas, 260 × 295 cm Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Perhaps the most acclaimed and well-traveled artist in Italy at the end of the 17th century,…

La mort de Sénèque (1773)

David, Jacques-Louis (1748-1825) La mort de Sénèque (The Death of Seneca) 1773 Oil on canvas, 123 x 160 cm Petit Palais, Paris See also: • Seneca, Lucius Annaeus minor (4 BC-65 AD)

Marietta, dite L’odalisque romaine (1843)

Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille (1796-1875) Marietta, dite L’odalisque romaine (Marietta, known as The Roman Odalisque) 1843 Oil on paper mounted on canvas, 29.3 x 44.2 cm Petit Palais, Paris See also: • Roma (Italia)