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Madonna di Manchester (c.1494)

Michelangelo (1475-1564) Madonna di Manchester (Manchester Madonna: The Virgin and Child with Saint John and Angels) c.1494 Tempera on wood, 104.5 × 77 cm National Gallery, London

Madonna col Bambino (c.1350)

Memmi, Lippo (c.1291-1356) Madonna col Bambino (Madonna and Child) c.1350 Tempera and gold on poplar panel, 71.3 x 44 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Attributed to Lippo Memmi. On the eve of the Battle of Montaperti in 1260, the Tuscan…

La mort de Socrate (after 1787)

David, Jacques-Louis (1748-1825) & Studio La mort de Socrate (The Death of Socrates) after 1787 Oil on canvas, 133 x 196 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton Compare: David, Jacques-Louis (1748-1825) La mort de Socrate 1787 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York  …

Le Cauchemar (1832)

Daumier, Honoré (1808-1879) Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare) published 1832 Lithograph, 23.3 x 29.4 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton Daumier, along with his editor and fellow caricaturist Charles Philipon, scandalized the monarchy of Louis-Philippe through his increasingly critical depictions of the…

Prose (1879)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Prose 1879 Oil on wood panel National Museum Wales, Cardiff Pair: Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Poetry 1879 National Museum Wales, Cardiff    

Poetry (1879)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Poetry 1879 Oil on wood panel National Museum Wales, Cardiff Pair: Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Prose 1879 National Museum Wales, Cardiff    

Trasfigurazione (c.1307-1311)

Duccio di Buoninsegna (c.1255-c.1319) Trasfigurazione (The Transfiguration) c.1307–1311 Egg tempera on wood, 48.5 × 51.4 cm National Gallery, London This painting was part of the predella (the bottom tier) of the Maestà altarpiece made for the Cathedral of Siena. Virtual reconstruction of the…