Erasmus of Rotterdam

Erasmus of Rotterdam


Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus


• Against War (English)

• Colloquies, Volume I (English)

• Dialoge or communication of two persons (English)

• Education of Children (English)

• Encomium artis medicae (Latin)

• In Praise of Folly (English)

• Merry Dialogue Declaringe the Properties of Shrowde Shrews and Honest Wives (English)

• Opuscula Selecta Neerlandicorum (Latin)

• The Praise of Folly (English)

Selections from Erasmus: Principally from his Epistles (Latin-English)

• Two Dyaloges, c.1549 (English)

• Very Pleasaunt & Fruitful Diologe Called the Epicure (English)

Erasmus in Art:

Erasmus (1523)Holbein, Hans the Younger (c.1497-1543)
National GalleryLondon



Erasmus of Rotterdam writing (1523)Holbein, Hans the Younger (c.1497-1543)
Erasmus of Rotterdam writing
Kunstmuseum BaselBasel



Erasmus writing (1523)Holbein, Hans the Younger (c.1497-1543)
Erasmus writing
Musée du LouvreParis



Erasmus of Rotterdam (c 1532)Holbein, Hans the Younger (c.1497-1543)
Erasmus of Rotterdam
Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York



Roundel Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam (1532)Holbein, Hans the Younger (c.1497-1543)
Roundel Portrait of Erasmus
Kunstmuseum BaselBasel


Born October 28 1466 Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Died July 12 1536 Basel (Switzerland)
Occupation Humanist Philologist
Occupation Philosopher Polymath
Occupation Theologian Writer