L’Angelo dell’Annunciazione (c.1330)

Martini, Simone (c.1284-1344)

L’Angelo dell’Annunciazione (The Angel of the Annunciation)
Tempera on poplar panel, 29.5 x 20.5 cm
National Gallery of ArtWashington

A winged, blond angel kneels facing our right in profile wearing a gold garment, and is shown against a gold background in this vertical painting. The textured robe the angel wears is a similar color to the background, and with the golden hair and wings, the painting is almost entirely gold. The angel’s pale skin has a greenish cast but the cheeks are rosy. Blond hair curls around the face and falls over the shoulders. The angel looks to our right with slitted eyes over a long, straight nose, and pale pink lips are closed. The hand farther from us is drawn across the chest and tucked under the arm closer to us, with which the angel holds a tall leafy palm frond. The inside surface of the wing facing us deepens from butter yellow to tangerine orange, and the other side of the wings are lapiz blue. The robe is textured with gold swirls against slate blue for the shadows and rose pink on the sleeves. A gold halo encircles the angel’s head and the gold background is textured with an ornate decorative border along the inner of edges of the top and both sides. The floor beneath the angel is ruby red. The gilding has worn away in some areas, especially in the background, so the red layer beneath is visible through cracks. (NGA)

This painting was once the left wing of a folding diptych showing the Annunciation.

Right wing:

Martini, Simone (c.1284-1344)
Madonna dell’Annunciazione
Hermitage MuseumSaint Petersburg